American Wellness Center

The American Wellness Center was established in 1987 by Dr. John Moreno. Dr. Moreno has a PhD in Nutrition, is a Doctor of Chiropathy (DCh) (not to be confused with a chiropractor which is a DC), Certified Enzyme Therapist, Certified NAET (Nambutrapad Allergy Elimination Technique) Practitioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, Certified DPA (Digital Pulsewave Analyser) Tester, developer of MET (Moreno's Empowering Technique), CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis) Practitioner, and JMT (Jaffe Mellor Technique) Practitioner.

Utilizing these and other techniques, Dr. Moreno works with his patients by treating the patient and not the disease or diagnosis. Although using the term alternative practitioner, in practice he follows the integrative method, that is, he works with all other medical professionals that the patient chooses to use.

Our mission statement is "Where traditional and alternative medicine unite!" was chosen to ensure that the patient is always the leader of their health care and that we as practitioners should work as a team to provide the needs of the patient, without regard to our personal feelings or ego. After all, it is the patient who must live with the decisions made by or for them!

Currently Dr. Moreno works with patients in Lake Charles, Pearland, TX., Webster, TX., and Lafayette, LA. He works clinics once a month in Amiable, LA. And does consulting work for chiropractic clinics. Dr. Moreno is married to Debbie, has four children (2 boys and 2 girls) and is the proud grandparent of 4. He and Mimi (Debbie) reside in Sulphur, LA.