The American Wellness Center (AWC) is operated by Dr. John N. Moreno, PhD who provides functional and alternative medical therapy for patients who wish a pro-active approach to healing and health.

Dr. Moreno acknowledges the benefits and needs for traditional medicine, including drugs, but knows that drugs do not provide cures and each patient is unique and can not be treated in the cookie cutter environment provided by most traditional medical practitioners. AWC provides treatments for allergies, cancer, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, hormonal problems, nervous problems, pain management and weight management skills, to name a few. Dr. Moreno sees children, adolescents and adults.

Testing provided by Dr. Moreno includes: pH, allergy, cardiovascular, muscle testing and he utilizes labs for hormonal and stress testing as well as hair analysis.

Dr. Moreno was the first certified enzyme practitioner in Louisiana and was the first Level II trained SCENAR practitioner in Louisiana as well. Dr. Moreno was the first non licensed practitioner in Louisiana to be granted hospital privileges, the first non chiropractor to own a chiropractic clinic in LA, the first practitioner to put medical doctors and chiropractors in the same clinic and is considered the leader in Alternative Medicine in SW Louisiana. Feel free to browse around our site and contact us if you have any questions.